All About Terrain Tires

Driving makes travel very convenient, since you can reach your destination, quickly. The wheels are among a vehicle’s parts that make this possible. They are covered by rubberized devices – tires – which contribute to velocity and handling. Such devices not only protect the wheels, they also promote fast and fluid movements. Of course, you need the best tires, especially if you engage long drives, frequently.

Qualities of the Best Tires

Not every model is worthy of the acclaim “the best tires on the market.” Such a title is given to those that provide superior traction, durability and a noticeable improvement in the vehicle’s handling. Anything below those qualities is considered substandard.

The best tires, in most cases, are quite expensive, but they perform better than any of their cheaper counterparts. As a consumer, you are faced with the dilemma of picking price or quality as you check out the offerings of tire stores.

It’s All a Matter of Experience, not Opinion

When choosing the best tires, the first recourse is to ask anyone who is experienced in driving, or at least someone who drives a vehicle. The answers you’re looking for must be based on experience, not opinion. Experience is close to reality, as the one you’re asking can describe his or her experience with the brand or model, detail-by-detail. Opinions, on the other, hand can be swayed by sheer popularity or a catchy marketing scheme.

Online Forums on Tires and Motoring

Online forums feature hundreds or thousands of members passionate about the subject. So, in joining a forum tackling motoring and vehicle parts, enthusiasts from all over the world will answer your queries. Some of them even write the articles of motoring magazines, so you can trust their recommendations. Besides, you see from the replies the people who obviously know what they’re talking about.

Here are some tire reviews to help get you started.

Equipping your truck with a set of excellent all terrain tires makes a lot of difference when travelling. It boosts vehicle performance, increasing acceleration even on surfaces in which a sudden burst of speed is unlikely. Such tires also improve your truck’s response to the steering wheel as well as producing very comfortable rides. If your truck isn’t giving you the control, performance and comfort that you deserve, how about switching its radials to any of these models:

-Cooper Zeon LTC

Cooper strikes a winner when it released the popular Zeon LTC. These all terrain tires are just what every trucker and off-road enthusiast ordered. Marked by aggressive tire patterns, it can maneuver over difficult tracks, which include snow, mud, stone, sand, and conventional roads. Steering is much improved as well as acceleration.

The tires also give your truck’s suspension a much needed “breather,” since they take a huge brunt of the load. They don’t get damaged easily, much to the delight of users.

-Nitto Dune Grappler

If Goodyear and BF Goodrich are the dominant brands for cars, the Nitto Dune Grappler takes up the cudgels of off road transport. These tires are as tough as nails when it comes to sandy and inclined roads, and tracks covered with snow. Its traction is matched only by a few other brands. As for durability, the tires don’t wear out easily. Traveling on rocky roads won’t be a problem. Their only weakness, if you can call it a weakness, is there are other brands better suited for mud. But it still does well on that surface, nevertheless.

Toyo Open Country

Winter is a dreaded time of the year. Snow makes roads extra slippery, coming as a hazard for travel. The Toyo Open Country all terrain tires solves that concern. Rig your vehicle with these radials, and you’ll be rolling as if it were summer.